Does Your CARGO To Philadelphia?

Bring CARGO to Your City!

What is CARGO?

CARGO is a way for rideshare drivers to make extra money as well as improve their ratings by providing an in-car “convenience store”. It’s a plastic box that contains many items your passengers will appreciate – including FREE product samples as well as other snacks and sundries available for purchase through a link they access on their smartphone while en route to their destination. It’s uncanny!

CarGo rideshare convenience store

How much will this cost you? Amazingly… absolutely nothing. Cargo supplies the dispenser, the merchandise, the refills and does all of the marketing. You just give your passengers what they order and collect commissions. This is a rare opportunity to get in on something that is truly brilliant and lucrative.

There is a slight snag, however. You see, CARGO is not available in every city, yet. Including mine… Philadelphia, PA. So, how can you get in on the CARGO experience? Simple…

Sign up now by clicking this link!

The more requests they get from any given city, the sooner they will bring CARGO to your town. By going to this URL – and signing up in advance, you can help speed up the availability of CARGO in Philadelphia (or any city where there Lyft and Uber or other rideshare companies are operating).

What’s Included?

The CarGo kit comes with a nice assortment of candies, chips, USB cables for iPhones, Trojan condoms (yes – no kidding), and the menu can be accewssed en route by your passenger on their smart phone. It’s that simple. There are a coupole unboxing videos on Youtube by a other rideshare bloggers and I’ll be contributing one of my own, once we get CarGo in the Philly area


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