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Recently, while pet-sitting, I was just about to head home when I decided to check the Shipt app to see if I could make a delivery on the way.  Sure enough, there was a request for a shop at the market right across the street from where the dogs I was sitting live. The customer was in my neighborhood, so it was an easy $9 for picking up a few items and dropping them off.
As I neared the destination with the groceries, all the surrounding streets were blocked off. Turns out there was an apartment house fire; unfortunately, my customer lived on the same block. So, I had to park a block away with bags of groceries including 2 gallons of mild and 2 gallons of fruit punch, an 18-pack of paper towels, a 12-pack of toilet paper and some food. Fortunately, I had my Rock-N-Roller tucked away in the back of my truck and was able to walk down with the goods in one trip. The customer left me a $15 dollar tip.
Most shoppers will be fine with this one…
Easily Collapsible and Portabl
Save Space – Heavy Duty
Light Weight Trolley
Rolling Swivel Wheels
wellmax grocery cart
The cart I used was the Rock-N-Roller R6RT Mini-Cart, used mostly by musicians to lug heavy equipment around.
It folds up to a very compact size and can hold up to 500 lbs. If you are musician or have a side hustle that requires a cart that can hold a lot of weight, check out my review here:

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